The Estartem food srl was founded in 2004 and for almost 10 years is responsible for the collection, processing and distribution of wild mushrooms and berries. The administrative headquarters and production company is located in south-central of Romania, in one of the largest valleys of the mountain range of the Southern Carpathians, an area with a huge expanse of deciduous and coniferous trees. Our mission is to provide our customers with a consistently high quality of our entire production of mushrooms, fresh, frozen, dried, maintaining their authenticity and spontaneity, and preserving their typical and unmistakable aromas and flavors. Our staff, as well as have a deep rooted culture of wild mushrooms, also has many years of experience in their work. All staff is certified for "manipulator of mushrooms and berries", having followed specific courses required by Local Health Authority (ANSVSA Authority National Sanitary-Veterinary for Food Safety). The same also performs periodic checks provided by law on all the staff and the premises.


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