Our company, thanks also to the support and the collaboration with “micro-companies” (familiar associations) scattered in the different parts of Romania, where there is particular abundance of mushrooms of spontaneous flora, has the ability to get hold of fresh mushrooms during all the season (generally from fine May to advanced October). Fresh mushrooms after they were collected are immediately transported to the central productive unit with refrigerated trucks at a controlled temperature and ready for immediate shipment to European markets (Italy, Germany and France). All procedures for cleaning and packaging are carried out by qualified personnel, tracked and controlled by mycology, in controlled temperature environment in a very short time to guarantee to the final consumer maximum freshness of product.


Dried mushrooms are dried in special drying with forced ventilation to ensure their dehydration as quickly as possible, thus maintaining all the characteristics of aroma and flavor. The final product is stored in boxes in cold rooms at -18 º C, with controlled temperature. We also have many years of experience in manual packing of dried mushrooms in pouches / bags ranging from 10 grams to 400 grams (commercial, special or extra), having worked for major Italian companies. The processing is done in a controlled environment with consistent meals processing, electronic scales, printer date and automatic soldering machines (both rotary and with pressure hot).


The fresh mushrooms intended for freezing are frozen within 24 hours after collection in modern tunnels with liquid nitrogen at temperatures below -100 º C, thus keeping all their characteristics aroma and flavor. The final product is stored in cartons in the refrigerators at -18 ° C, with temperature controlled. On customer request, we have the appropriate structure for packing in bags of frozen products of different weights.


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